Spacer Washer FLY017

Item No. 513811090
4.1 out of 5 Customer Rating
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Adjusting the cutting height has never been easier, than with this genuine Flymo part. By adding or removing one of these spacers you can get your lawn height right. The optimal mowing height depends on the time of the year, temperature and grass types. With this Spacer Washer set, you can ensure that your lawn height is to your own, personal preference. The easy design guarantees effortless assembly.

Compatible with:
- EasiBag (33cm)
- Hover Compact 300/330/350
- Micro Compact 300 plus
- Minimo E25/E30
- Sprinter E25/E250/E300/E400
- Sprintmaster XE250/XE300/XE400
- Turbo Compact 300/330/350/380
- Turbo Lite 250/330/350/400
- HoverVac 250/280
- Vision Compact 330/350/350+/380
- Glidemaster 340/360/380
- Glider 330/350
- Easi Glide 300/300V/300VX

Thickness (mm)