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Flymo's First Cut Sunday

Flymo experts have confirmed the 24th of March as the perfect date to give your lawn the first cut of the season. Tackling your lawn after a long, wet winter can be tricky, but not to worry, Flymo have you covered, check out our top tips for First Cut Sunday.

Spring is in the air, and we can’t wait for lighter, warmer nights in the garden. After a long, wet, winter your lawn is probably in desperate need of a little TLC (tender lawn care that is). So, to get your lawn ready for Summer, the lawn experts at Flymo have shared some top tips to help you get a head start for that picture-perfect lawn.

Flymo’s lawn care experts advise the first lawn cut of the year should be made on Sunday 24th March, otherwise known as First Cut Sunday. This is the perfect date for a first lawn cut as we should be clear of any late-frosts and the soil will have warmed up ready for fresh grass growth.

But tackling the lawn after winter can be a tricky task. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry,  Flymo have you covered with their top tips to help your first mow this First Cut Sunday:

  1. Timing is key.

Grass starts to grow once the ground begins to warm up, which is why the beginning of spring is the perfect time to get back out in the garden. While you may be itching to mow your lawn, this year Sunday 24th March is the ideal date for a first cut.

  1. Have a pre-spring garden clean.

Your garden may look a bit neglected after months of cold, wet weather, so it’s important before the first cut of the year, to take time to clear any debris around the area you wish to mow. Make sure to check for dead sticks, branches or rubbish that may have gathered in the overgrown lawn - if your mower catches these it can damage the blade.

  1. Don’t cut wet grass.

Whilst the hope is that the Spring and Summer will be filled with glorious sunshine, it is important to be aware of how to best protect mowing equipment and use it with care. Cutting wet grass risks damaging lawnmowers and makes for potential danger, not to mention wet grass is harder to cut and can make the task a lot tougher.

  1. Always remember the one-third rule.

Cutting more than a third of a blade of grass in one go can stress the lawn, so you should always apply the one-third rule. If the grass has been left overgrown and unkept over the colder months, you should still ensure to follow the one-third rule, whilst gradually reducing the cutting height on mowers until the preferred grass length is reached. 

  1. Don’t forget about the edges.

Overgrown edges can make your freshly cut lawn look untidy so make sure to trim the edges straight after mowing so you can get the ultimate healthy, beautiful lawn.

For more hints and tips on seasonal gardening or some outdoor inspiration, be sure to follow #FirstCutSunday on social media @flymo_lawnmowers on Sunday 24th March 2024.

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