Hedge & Grass Trimmers

Want neat and tidy lawn edges and hedges? Flymo's range of grass and hedge trimmers are packed with handy features to help you keep your garden looking in tip top shape.

At Flymo we understand the importance of getting that picture perfect garden, with neat hedges and grass edges. That's why, with over 60 years of experience we have greated a range of super easy to use trimmers. Packed with handy features to make hedge and grass tirmming easier than ever, discover our range of corded and cordless grass and hedge trimmers.

Discover Flymo's range of Grass Trimmers


Corded Grass Trimmers

Flymo's range of corded grass trimmers give you that picture perfect lawn finish. Ergonomically designed and packed with handy features to making grass trimming easier than ever before.

Cordless Grass Trimmers

Experience cordless freedom with Flymo's range of cordless grass trimmers. Designed with ease in mind, you can get that picture-perfect lawn finish quicker and easier than ever before.

Discover Flymo's range of Hege Trimmers


Corded Hedge Trimmers

Flymo's range of electric, corded hedge trimmers are perfect for tidying and cutting hedges quickly and easily. All hedge trimmers feature high-quality precision blades for a clean, healthy cut.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers

Flymo's range of battery powered hedge trimmers give you neat and tidy hedges without a cord holding you back. With high-quality precision blades Flymo's hedge trimmers give a clean healthy cut every time.

Top tips for neat and tidy hedges and lawn edges...


How to cut right to the edges of your lawn

For a truly neat and tidy lawn, it's important to keep your edges in shape. Not sure how, let the experts at Flymo explain...
right shape

5 Things You Need To Know About Hedge Care

Neat and tidy hedges can make a big impact on the overall look of your garden. Understanding what type of hedge you have will ultimately determine what you will need to do, as each species and style will have different needs. To make things easier we’ve put together the top five things to consider.

How To Use a Grass Trimmer

Looking for a neat and tidy lawn edge, the experts at Flymo share their top tips on how to choose and use your grass trimmer.