Choosing the right lawn mower is key to a beautiful lawn. Here at Flymo, we understand lawn care and how easy maintenance is a top priority. From the super easy Robotic Lawn Mowers, to the Hover Mowers which make up our history, you can be sure that whatever your gardening needs we have you covered.

Browse our range of lawn mowers below.


Corded Lawnmowers

Packed with handy features to make mowing the lawn a breeze, Flymo's range of electric, corded mowers give that picture perfect lawn finish. Check out our mowers with rear rollers for beautiful stripes.

Cordless Lawnmowers

Experience cordless freedom with Flymo's range of battery lawnmowers. Packed with handy features to make mowing the lawn easier than ever; with a rear roller for beautiful stripes.

Hover Mowers

Since it's invention in 1964, Flymo is the market leader in hover lawnmowers, We've come a long way in over 50 years, our iconic hover mowers are so easy and lightweight to use, you can achieve a perfectly cut lawn quickly and effortlessly.

Robot lawnmowers

Want a beautiful, luscious, healthy lawn without lifting a finger? Look no further. The UK's number one brand for robot mowers, isn't it time you had an EasiLife?

Top tips from the lawncare experts at Flymo

troubleshooting lawn mover

Troubleshooting Lawn Mower Problems

Over its lifetime, your lawn mower can develop problems. The type of problems it will encounter are influenced by elements such as improper use and storage. Understanding your machine and the common problems can help you maintain

perfectly green lawn

How To Get A Perfectly Green Lawn

Growing a perfectly green lawn requires just three things: regular maintenance, regular mowing and fertilisation. These activities need to be done year-round, so it is worth putting your


Reasons why your lawnmower may not be working

Spring has finally arrived! The sun is out and many of us are getting the lawnmower out for the first time this year, and getting ready to mow the lawn. For most, this is relatively painless, but for a few their lawnmower just won’t work. Find some of the most common reasons why your electric lawnmower won’t work and how to fix them.