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Flymo Lanwmowers - Frequently asked questions

Looking for some help with your Flymo Lawnmower? Check out the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

Q. Why Does My Lawnmower Not Cut Low Enough?

Not all Flymo lawnmowers have the same cutting height. The type of lawnmower and model determines the minimum and maximum height of cut. You should always consider changing the cutting height of your lawnmower when the weather changes.

Raise the cutting height for the first cut of the year in Spring and gradually lower it with successive cuts to your desired height. If the Summer is particularly dry, we suggest to raise it a little to help the grass retain moisture and prevent drying out. Throughout the wetter months in Autumn you can keep it on a lower height, but towards the end of the cutting season raise it up for the last cut to help protect the lawn through the Winter.

Please consult your user manual for instructions on how to change the cutting height of your lawnmower.

Q. Why Can't I Manually Turn The Blade On My Lawnmower?

When the lawnmower is switched off and the blade is turned manually by hand, you will feel some resistance. The blade will not turn freely as there is a safety brake fitted. The brake is released on starting the lawnmower.

Q. Can I Adjust The Angle Of The Handles On My Lawnmower?

On some of our lawnmowers the handles can be moved to a certain extent, but this is governed by legislation, as we have to have a given distance between the operator and the cutting blade on the lawnmower.

Q. Can I Sharpen The Metal Blade On My Lawnmower?

Metal lawnmower blades can be sharpened by your local service agent. Alternatively new blades can be purchased via the Flymo spares site or local retailers. It is recommended that you only use Genuine Flymo parts and accessories on your lawnmower.

Q. Why Does My Lawnmower Keep Cutting Out?

There could be a fault with the cable or switch box. Make sure that you are using the correct type of extension cable. Some extension cable reels have built in overload cut-outs, and are rated too low for most lawnmowers making them unsuitable. The extension cable should allow 13 amps.

Q. Why Is My Lawnmower Vibrating Excessively?

The lawnmowers cutting blade may be out of balance, or the blade bolt could be damaged, if so then it needs to be replaced. 

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