Hedge Care

    Hedges can be a lot of hard work to maintain properly but reading some of the following articles will help you along the way, here are some hints and tips on how to take care of your hedges and bushes throughout the year.

    by flymo-uk
    Hedge care

    How Nesting Animals Affect Hedge Work

    Hedges can be a mini-paradise for animals during different months of the year, so planting a hedge can be beneficial for a wide range of critters and wildlife. This isn’t limited to just small mammals and birds; butterflies and moths can also take advantage of the shelter and source of food. Understanding what this means for your garden is important as not only do you want avoid harming any nesting wildlife, but there are laws protecting them which you must abide by. Fear not, our handy guide on how your hedge work may be affected will keep you compliant.