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    Robotic Mowers

    Would you like a pristine lawn but not the hassle of maintaining one? Then a robotic lawn mower could be the answer for you!

    What is a Robotic Mower?

    In simple terms it’s a machine that cuts the grass for you. After an initial set up process they’re fully autonomous in operation, returning to their charging station when necessary.

    Robotic lawn mowers work by mowing within a boundary wire set by the owner around the edge of the lawn, and once simply programmed it will mow your lawn regularly to keep it well maintained. They are smart enough to navigate around your lawn and will automatically go back to its charging station when it needs to recharge or the mowing schedule is completed. They are designed to permanently be left out on the lawn all day and night, throughout the grass cutting season.

    Why Choose a Robotic?

    Robot lawn mowers are ideal for those of us that want to spend less time mowing their lawn, and more time relaxing doing the things you love. Robotic lawn mowers take the hassle out of mowing. Once set up is complete you do not need to touch your mower again until the winter time when you put it in storage. Watch our short video to find out more.

    Where do the grass clippings go?

    A commonly asked question by people first encountering robotic lawn mowers is, but where do the grass clippings go?

    The simple answer is, into the ground. As the robotic cuts the lawn little and often the clippings are much smaller than you'd get with traditional lawn mowers. These tiny grass clippings will return to the lawn where they actually work as a natural fertiliser.

    Are Robotics Safe?

    Yes, robotic lawn mowers are safe. Lift, tilt and collision sensor technology ensures the blades stop spinning when lifted- always important but especially if you have small children.

    Flymo robotic Lawn mowers have collision detection technology to guide the mower away from obstacles in your garden. The mower will cut around permanent obstacles like furniture or trampolines so there is no need to move them.

    Click to watch the video to find out more of EasiLife GO's safety features.

    How Much Energy Does a Robotic Use?

    One cost that you cannot avoid when owning a robotic lawn mower is the cost of the electricity used to charge the robotic.

    However an EasiLife probably costs less to run than you might think. Did you know that our EasiLife 200 model is 93% cheaper to run than the cost of running an average combi fridge freezer? Watch the video to find out more.

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