Robotic Lawn Mower

    Software Update

    Sometimes your EasiLife robotic lawn mower needs an update of the software. With this firmware update you will receive all optimizations that make your robotic lawnmower (smart) (EasiLife/ EasiLife Go) even better free of charge and quickly. 

    You only need a computer (PC or Mac), internet access, a printer USB cable (USB-A to USB-B; see figure) and, depending on the model you may need a Torx T20 screwdriver. You can find step-by-step instructions below.

    USB-A to USB-B cable

    How It Works:

    Step One:

    To perform the update you need a computer with Windows 10 / Mac 10.10 or later. (Other systems are currently not yet supported).

    Step Two:

    You also need a standard USB printer cable (A plug to B plug) and, depending on the model, a Torx 20 screwdriver. Locate the USB port on your robotic lawn mower and plug it in to your laptop or computer.

    Step Three:

    Now download the software file, run the program and follow the instructions. A stable internet connection is required for this. Your robotic lawn mower will soon be available again with the latest updates. 

    Having trouble locating your robot USB Port? Find out how here: 

    Release Notes:

    After updating to the current version, the following functions and improvements are available:

    March 2020

    • Spot Cutting: the spiral mowing function is ideal for hard-to-reach places, such as under a trampoline or garden furniture. This saves you tedious reworking.
    • CorridorCut: Narrow corridors from a width of 60 cm are no longer a problem for the robotic lawnmower. He doesn't even stop at dead ends. The only requirement - the guide cable must be laid in the affected areas.
    • FrostSense: Mowing frozen grass can be harmful to your lawn. Activating the frost sensor prevents your robotic lawnmower from starting to mow when the floor temperature is less than approx. 5 ° C, even if its schedule actually tells it to.
    • Inclines: the robotic lawnmower can now manage an incline of up to 35%.
    • Lawn Shield: The robotic lawnmower adapts the mowing frequency to the growth of the lawn.

    June 2020

    • Fixed an unusual stopping and turning during the mowing process without external influence. Various optimizations that make your robotic lawnmower work even more reliably in different situations. Basis for upcoming new functions.

    January 2021

    • Various optimizations, which will make your robotic lawnmower work even more reliable in different situations.