Find the basic principles of your Flymo warranty outlined here. Full terms and conditions can be found in your operating manual. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our experienced customer service team on 0344 844 4558.

    2 year warranty with Flymo

    What are the terms and conditions of my warranty?

    All products manufactured by Flymo carry a free guarantee which protects you against the cost of repairs to that product in the first 12 months, however, should you register your Flymo product you will be eligible for 24 months protection from the date of purchase.* All Flymo products are covered for parts and labour for 12 months, providing the fault or defect is found to be a result of faulty manufacture by one of our Authorised Service Agents, provided that:

    a. Claims are accompanied by evidence of the date of purchase, such as a Sales Receipt, showing that the product was bought within 12 months prior to the date of claim.

    b. The product was correctly assembled and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and used solely for domestic purposes.

    c. The defect was not due to accident, misuse, unauthorised modification or inexpert repair.

    d. Consumable parts, such as fuses in plugs, lawnmower and trimmer blades, trimmer lines and anything which requires routine replacement are excluded from the scope of the guarantee.

    Flymo robotic lawn mowers come with a two year warranty. All of our warranty periods start from the date of purchase. All claims made against the manufacturer's warranty must be supported by proof of purchase i.e. receipt of purchase.
    *Applicable on products purchased from 1st January 2019

    The service agent has advised that my Flymo product Is not covered by warranty

    The Authorised Service Agent must have identified tell-tale signs of impact damage such as, chips in the lawnmower blade, sheared bolt or damaged impeller etc. Should you feel the service agent has misdiagnosed the cause of fault you can take the machine for a second opinion.

    My guarantee has ended, why should I have to pay for the total cost of the repair when it is a manufacturing fault?

    Most genuine manufacturing faults will occur very early in the life of the product. Once the warranty is over, it is then the responsibility of the customer to pay for the repair.