36V EasiStore 340R (Product Only)

Item No. 970538201
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Battery cordless lawn mower with extra features to make mowing easy. Battery and charger not included

Key Features:

- Keep your shed or garage tidy with a vertical storage position

- LED display clearly indicates remaining battery capacity

- A roller provides a beautiful stripe effect to your lawn

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Cordless Power
Reach the furthest edges of your lawn with no restrictive power cord. Simply charge the included batteries and go, with no need to worry about cables.


Kit Not Included
If you already own compatible POWER FOR ALL batteries and chargers, this is the perfect solution for you.


Carry Handle
Lifting and carrying your EasiStore is effortless thanks to the integrated handle.


Cutting Height Adjustment
The single lever cutting height adjustment makes picking your desired lawn height easy.


Edge Cutting
The EasiStore makes it easy to achieve a closer cut along lawn edges, borders and flower beds, which reduces the amount you will need to trim, saving you time.


Grass Box Capacity
A high-capacity grass box collects more clippings meaning you can go longer between empties.


Grass Box Tongue
Prevent messy spills when removing the grass box, thanks to the included box tongue.


LED Display
Take cordless convenience to the next level with a battery display that clearly shows you how much charge is left.


Join one of the largest multi-brand 18V battery systems. One battery is compatible with over 100+ tools for jobs around the home and garden.


Rear Roller
The EasiStore makes it easier than ever to add a beautiful striped effect to your lawn. The rear roller helps achieve a classic lawn finish that’s bound to impress friends, family, and neighbours.


Transport Position
Moving to and from your lawn is comfortable and easy in an upright travel position.


Upright Storage
A quick release lower handle allows you to store your EasiStore in an vertical position, taking up minimal space in your garage or garden shed. Alternatively, the quick release handles fold away compactly, reducing the overall storage footprint and keeping your space tidy and organised.
better edges achieve finish

reclaim space freedom

better edges lawn stripes

The 36V EasiStore 340R is a 34cm battery cordless lawn mower with extra features to make mowing easy with no restricting power cord for greater freedom & flexibility.

Designed for small gardens its powered by two 18V Power4All batteries to give 36V performance, which can be shared across a wide range of tools within the Power4All Alliance.

A close edge cutting system allows a neat cut right up to edges of the lawn or flowerbeds, reducing the need for trimming afterwards; and a rear roller provides a beautiful striped finish to your lawn meaning its always looking its best.

The clever vertical storage position means it takes up less floor space keeping your shed neat and tidy, or you can simply fold the handles down flat to store away neatly.

Packed with convenient features such as an LED display to see the remaining battery charge from the operating position, a large capacity 35L grass box which collects more grass between emptying with a tongue designed to prevent spilling and also lets you know when its full, a simple single lever for easy adjustments to the cutting height and an extra transport position of the handles to make it easy to move around the garden with ease.

For greater flexibility and control the twin lever handles allow you to operate the machine with either hand comfortably. A central handle makes it easier to pick up and carry from the lawn when you're done.

Spare Parts:
FLY087 - Metal blade 34cm

Battery Type
Power For All
Battery Included
Collection Capacity (l)
Cutting Heights (cm)
20-60mm (5-steps)
Cutting Width (cm)
Foldable Handles
Grass Box Capacity (l)
Handle Control Switch Lever
Height Adjustment
No. of Cutting Heights
Power Type
Product Weight (kg) Lawn mower
Rear Roller