18V EasiClear 100 (Ready to Use Kit)

Item No. 970638301
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

A cordless leaf blower that has controllable airflow for faster clearing around the garden

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cordless power

Cordless Power
Take your EasiClear wherever you need it with no restrictive power cord. Simply charge the included battery and go, with no need to worry about cables.

kit included

Kit Included
Your EasiClear comes with everything you need to get started, including one battery and a charger.

interchangeable battery

Interchangeable Battery
The included 18V battery allows you to quickly switch between your cordless Flymo products, helping you to maximise your battery power.

axial fan

Axial Fan
The EasiClear delivers air flow efficiently with a rate of 7.9 m3 and blow speed of 100km/h—more than enough to loosen and clear debris, dirt, and leaves.

led display

LED Display
Take cordless convenience to the next level with a battery display that clearly shows you how much charge is left.

axial fan

Lightweight, Balanced Design
A lightweight, balanced design makes handling your EasiClear a breeze. Ergonomically designed to relieve strain for ultra mobility.

concentrator nozzle

Concentrator Nozzle
Adjust air-flow to target and remove stubborn debris using the included concentrator nozzle.

power for all alliance

Join one of the largest multi-brand 18V battery systems. One battery is compatible with over 100+ tools for jobs around the home and garden.

variable speeds

Variable Speeds
Pick the blowing speed that suits the task at hand using the variable speed controller—helping you finish the job quickly and neatly.

high volume tube

High Volume Tube
Quickly tidy large areas of light and dry debris with maximum airflow delivery. Perfect for gardens and driveways.
Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket

Girl in a jacket

Perfect for small to medium sized gardens, the 18V EasiClear 100 cordless leaf blower has a blow speed of 100km/h. The clearing abilities of this blower can be heightened with the variable speed wheel. The air flow can be concentrated with the nozzle attachment to target more stubborn debris. Weighing only 1.82kg

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